[racket] Crowdsourcing Pict3D's design

From: Neil Toronto (neil.toronto at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Mar 10 21:39:51 EDT 2015

On 03/10/2015 09:35 AM, Konrad Hinsen wrote:
> Neil Toronto writes:
>   > Pict3D is finally ready for public consumption. You can install the
>   > package either in DrRacket using "File -> Install Package..." or from
>   > the command line using
>   >
>   >      raco pkg install pict3d
> This looks quite impressive - thanks!
> Where can I download some spare hours to play with this?  ;-)

 From the same place I downloaded the spare hours to make it. :p

If you need justification, this will render molecular structures 
thousands of times faster than Plot does. It won't output PDFs, but you 
can set the background color to white or transparent and render up to 
1024x1024 bitmaps and save them as JPEGs or PNGs.

Neil ⊥

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