[racket] how to get line numbers on syntax errors on load?

From: Thomas Lynch (thomas.lynch at reasoningtechnology.com)
Date: Tue Mar 10 00:44:10 EDT 2015

When loading modules I sometimes get syntax errors - rightfully so.
However, the errors sometimes don't have line numbers, making them time
consuming to find.

Here is one today:

Welcome to Racket v5.2.1.
racket@> (enter! "ap.rkt")
link: reference (phase 0) to a variable in module "basic-lib.rkt" that is
uninitialized (phase level 0); reference appears in module: "realtime.rkt"
in: test-hook

Which variable?  Which line in which file?

This is old code that is not playing well within a new environment. There
are thousands of combinations possible against this information.   .. I
suspect this has to do with using unicode characters, specifically lambda,
within macros, if so it will not be long to find it.  However, in the worse
case I will have to start a binary search cutting out blocks of code, and
inserting stub routines .. but this is time consuming, and this sort of
vague message is not a one time occurrence.

Is there a way to coerce racket to be more specific in its messages?
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