[racket] Curses library in Racket?

From: Michael Bradley (michaelsbradleyjr at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Mar 7 21:00:13 EST 2015

Рикард Андершон <rickard.m.andersson at ...> writes:

> Hi, all.
> Bindings for curses are brought up in a demonstration of FFI bindings by
> Eli Barzilay (http://docs.racket-lang.org/foreign/intro.html). However,
> I can't seem to find an actual library to use for this.
> Could anyone clarify if this is actually available at the moment or if
> it's just something that most people either don't care about, or have
> their own homegrown implementations of?
> I don't have a burning interest in rolling my own, exactly, but I do
> feel like it'd be nice to have a very Rackety interface for making nice
> curses-based applications.
> Any pointers in a useful direction are appreciated.
> // Rickard Andersson [gonz_]
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Hi Rickard,

It is not curses-based, but you might want to check out the lux-term library:



It is available via raco:

`raco pkg install lux-charterm`

Lux-term is based on an older library, charterm, and the author of the newer
library suggests looking at the original's documentation too:



Best regards,

Michael Bradley

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