[racket] TLS "atom?" definition for Scheme does not work in DrRacket

From: Rufus (rlaggren at mail.com)
Date: Tue Mar 3 22:28:58 EST 2015


> arrows

That's how I found the problem, although I had to chase it down off the
bottom of the pane. Somebody did a neat good thing there.

> BSL+list

It apparently doesn't run the defs _at all_. The interactive pane will
not recognize _any_ of the variables or functions that appear to be
defined in the definition pane and should form the environment (or scope
or whatever the correct word) after I click on the "Run" button. And I
don't see any error msg's anywhere. I'm probably missing something
simple and dumb here like the reserved word problem; but so far no light

And btw thanks all for your help and suggestions.


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