[racket] DrR w/TLS: Definitions

From: Rufus (rlaggren at mail.com)
Date: Tue Mar 3 15:01:20 EST 2015

Although I'm not completely sure of the ultimate value in this form, nor
possible "prior art" here or elsewhere, I'll post the following
definitions here for possible use or improvement by others. They allow
me to comfirm and play w/the examples and exercises in TLS, first
chapter. If it proves useful I'll add more definitions or else just let
it quiesce.

Matthias, All:
So far I don't find any advantage to using "BSL w/List Abbrv". Since the
quote character appears to be implemented using "  #lang racket " I have
used that language spec. Perhaps I'll discover the use of the BSL down
the line.

Here is the definitions file, through TLS Chap-1:
#lang racket

;definitions allowing TLS Qs, xmpls and xrcs to work
; w/Drracket using " #lang racket"

(define atom? (lambda (arg1)
                and (not (pair? arg1))
                    (not (null? arg1))


(define add1 (lambda (n)
               (+ n 1)

(define sub1 (lambda (n)
               (- n 1)

; TLS Chap-01 variables (all init to 'dummy
(define *abc$ 'dummy)
(define atom 'dummy)
(define turkey 'dummy)
(define or 'dummy)
(define xyz 'dummy)
(define x 'dummy)
(define y 'dummy)
(define z 'dummy)
(define how 'dummy)
(define are 'dummy)
(define you 'dummy)
(define doing 'dummy)
(define so 'dummy)
(define far 'dummy)
(define a 'dummy)
(define b 'dummy)
(define c 'dummy)
(define hotdog 'dummy)
(define and 'dummy)
(define pickle 'dummy)
(define relish 'dummy)
(define hotdogs 'dummy)
(define hamburger 'dummy)
(define peanut 'dummy)
(define butter 'dummy)
(define jelly 'dummy)
(define banana 'dummy)
(define help 'dummy)
(define this 'dummy)
(define is 'dummy)
(define very 'dummy)
(define hard 'dummy)
(define to 'dummy)
(define learn 'dummy)
(define d 'dummy)
(define spaghetti 'dummy)
(define Harry 'dummy)
(define had 'dummy)
(define heap 'dummy)
(define of 'dummy)
(define apples 'dummy)
(define swing 'dummy)
(define low 'dummy)
(define sweet 'dummy)
(define cherry 'dummy)
(define oat 'dummy)
(define margarine 'dummy)
(define strawberry 'dummy)
(define Mary 'dummy)
(define little 'dummy)
(define lamb 'dummy)
(define chop 'dummy)
(define soured 'dummy)
(define milk 'dummy)
(define we 'dummy)
(define beans 'dummy)

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