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From: DJ (jakep at arqux.com)
Date: Sat Feb 28 19:13:25 EST 2015

Thanks for the reply.

I have a suite of xslt transforms already done, so it would be easiest 
to run them as is.

That said, the xslt transforms are a small fraction of the total work 
that I have already done on the application in Common Lisp. It will of 
course be a substantial effort to convert it to racket; in fact it may 
be a time to redesign the application from scratch. The most important 
consideration is that I would now like to support Windows and OS X as 
well as linux. The business logic (in lisp) runs on all three but the 
gui part does not. I could do it as a web app run from a linux server, 
but I would prefer not to do it that way. My other obvious option is 
clojure, I guess. If I could justify the expense of purchasing LispWorks 
or Franz Lisp I would, but - too expensive for my pocketbook.

I know that xml and xslt do not enjoy the favor they did fifteen years 
ago. But then, I already went through the learning curve back then with 
xslt and xpath, so there's that.

Basically I am trying to assess the effort that will be required to do 
the project in racket or clojure, and the xslt thing is small but 
significant part of it.

Thanks again.


- DJ -

On 15-02-28 06:49 PM, Matthew Butterick wrote:
> It's not clear whether you already have XSLT transforms that you want 
> to use in Racket, or if you're mentioning XSLT just because it's a 
> method of parsing & transforming XML. If the latter, then you may find 
> that using native Racket data structures (esp. the X-expression) and 
> native XML-friendly functions (like `match`) is more convenient.
> On Sat, Feb 28, 2015 at 8:49 AM, DJ <jakep at arqux.com 
> <mailto:jakep at arqux.com>> wrote:
>     Ok - new to racket. I would like to use it because I know Common
>     Lisp, but need something that provides good cross-platform gui
>     capabilities. (I can't afford a commercial implementation of CL.)
>     My software will harvest data from several web services that
>     provide results in xml.
>     I have spent a half hour searching for info on how to run xslt
>     transforms in racket. All that I can find is a mention that sxml
>     /used to have/ xslt but doesn't any more. I would prefer native
>     racket rather than some kind of ffi solution if possible.
>     Any suggestions?
>     Best,
>     - DJ -
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