[racket] racket-mode

From: Greg Hendershott (greghendershott at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Feb 28 10:33:17 EST 2015

> Don't make me want to go back to programming Racket in Emacs :-) 
> But thanks for mapping Emacs back into the fold. -- Matthias

The more I do with racket-mode, the deeper my appreciation for
everything that DrRacket does. It's really quite amazing.

Also the more I program in Emacs Lisp, the more I appreciate programming
in Racket. :)

p.s. The edebug feature in Emacs Lisp is one thing I do now miss in
Racket. IOW I'm tempted to tackle using DrRacket debugger annotations,
with an edebug UI in Emacs. Either per-function like edebug, or per
module(s) like DrR.

Sure, I hardly ever want a debugger for Racket, in the way I used one
heavily and religiously for C/C++ (to step through new code the first
time instead of just hitting Run). After all we have the REPL, and
functions. And TBH printfs usually suffice. So I hardly every used the
debugger in DrRacket.

And yet. Sometimes it would be handy to set breakpoints and step through
code. Now that I've done that enough with Elisp for racket-mode, I want
to be able to do it for Racket code, too.

Aside from utility, there's just the raw challenge of making something
like that work. At least it would be a challenge, for me.

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