[racket] Racket Users moving to Google Groups

From: John Clements (johnbclements at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Feb 26 11:37:04 EST 2015

Dear all,

PLT would like to get out of the mailing-list administration game. We’re
therefore proposing to move the Racket Users mailing list to Google Groups.

In fact, we’ve already begun the process of moving our mailing lists; the
developers mailing list, racket-dev, has already moved to Google Groups,
without major incident[*].

In particular, it’s still possible to send mail to the developers mailing
list using the address dev at racket-lang.org, and we’re planning to continue
to use the users at racket-lang.org e-mail address for the new users group.

I’m proposing that we make this move for the Users mailing list some time
in mid-to-late March.

Google has a cap on the number of e-mail addresses that can be invited to a
mailing list, and an even tighter cap on the number of e-mail addresses
that can be directly added. For this reason, we’re going to ask you to sign
*yourself* up for the new group, when we move. After a brief interval,
we’ll begin inviting all of the e-mail addresses that don’t yet appear on
the new mailing list. There are currently 1532 members on the users list,
though, so this is going to take a while.

One potential hiccup: there is an existing Users google group, and we’re
hoping to re-purpose this as the main group rather than as an archive. This
list has a google setting—"list is an archive”, if I recall correctly—that
is now deprecated. It seems possible that making changes to the way this
list is configured could have unexpected consequences, and makes it
impossible to test various transition scenarios.

The local mailman archive of the existing list will continue to exist,
though new messages will not be added to it. The remote archives at gmane
and mail-archive and marc should be able to handle the transition, and
hopefully will not drop too many messages during the transition.

Let us know how this sounds to you!

John Clements

[*] We’re still waiting to hear from gmane and marc.info about archive
updates; mail-archive has successfully made the jump already.
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