[racket] Serial library

From: Bartosz Przygoda (bprzygoda at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Feb 23 17:53:12 EST 2015


So I've finally connected the parts to have usable (though not thoroughly
tested yet) library for serial communication in Racket:
https://github.com/BartAdv/racket-serial (in racket packages under the name
'serial') - at the moment linux only.

It's based on Python pyserial library, but it does not wrap Racket
input/output ports, rather provides additional functions to help configure
the port and setting/getting various bits.

Previously I was just calling stty to do the configuration, which is not
that welcoming for beginners - pyserial was much easier for simple scripts;
I was using it for some time (playing with Arduino). I felt somewhat sad
that I couldn't just do it with Racket hassle-free so I felt it might be
good idea to create these helpers.
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