[racket] How to reduce my Racket web server's memory usage?

From: George Neuner (gneuner2 at comcast.net)
Date: Mon Feb 2 17:06:33 EST 2015

On 2/2/2015 12:58 PM, Jay McCarthy wrote:
> I think 80MB is pretty typical. If you convert to "#lang web-server",
> you should be able to trade RAM for disk space, but I doubt you could
> get less than 40MB and 80MB out of 512M is pretty decent.
> Jay

Would that difference all be from not caching continuations, or is there 
something else?

On a related note, does sharing a file through *#:servlet-namespace* 
actually save memory, or is it just about putting names into the 
custodian environment?  I'm a bit unclear as to whether custodians 
really manage code (ala Java loaders) or just namespaces.   I have a 
couple of large utility files shared this way, but since I still have to 
require them everywhere and you have mentioned previously (IIUC) that 
servlet instances run under separate custodians, I am wondering just how 
it works.

Thus far I've been using #lang racket.  I haven't bumped into memory 
limitations, but the executable footprint  (resident+swap) is ~260MB and 
growing.  Currently I have no continuation servlets - all are run to 
completion - and so right now I have *#:stateless? #t* and *#:manager 
(create-none-manager #f) * in the call to serve/servlet, but there are 
43 servlets and counting, plus several auxiliary threads and a 
large(ish) dbms connection pool.  Probably the number of servlets will 
double before I'm done.  I have managed to avoid using continuations via 
SQL wizardry, but I don't know how far I can push that - the web 
designer keeps wanting to shift more session management responsibility 
onto the server side.

I haven't played with  #lang web-server  at all, so forgive me if these 
are stupid questions:

Where I have servlets that share auxiliary functions I have grouped them 
together in a single source file.  From the docs it appears that the  
(provide version stuffer start)  3 argument form is special vs the 
normal n-argument module provide.  Can there be multiple web language 
servlets with different specs provided from a single source file?

Does switching to the web language impact using serve/servlet and 

Can web language and racket language servlets be mixed in the same 
application (gradual transition) or is it all or nothing?


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