[racket] first racket attempt -- need advice

From: Dmitry Pavlov (dpavlov at ipa.nw.ru)
Date: Sun Feb 1 03:41:19 EST 2015


It seems that the links to pastebin that you gave do not work, the code is not (no longer) there.



On 8:47PM, Jan 31, 2015, at 8:47PM, Jimmy McNutt <jmcnuttc at gmail.com> wrote:
>Hello Racketeers,
>The source code linked below is my first attempt at racket (or any
>programming language, most of it I just copied from the tutorial at
>docs.racket. My goal is to build simple interactive documents for my
>​Is there an approach with a different (preffered) syntax?
>Should I just keep linking pages like this?
>What do I need to add something like this:
>​I remember reading a function to include external files (css, js)
>is that how it's done?
>Thanks in advance!!
>Jimmy McNutt
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