[racket] Preliminary support for Racket on EV3

From: Deren Dohoda (deren.dohoda at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Sep 30 11:51:56 EDT 2014

Straightforward to use a struct, or a a tagged value like (cons 'cm 10) and
then have your procedure parse the argument.

 On Sep 30, 2014 11:14 AM, "Tomi Pieviläinen" <
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> First apologies to Alexsandro Soares, if I'm intruding, but I wasn't
> sure if you were on the mailing list and you were asking about this in
> June.
> I tested how well Racket runs on the Lego Mindstorms EV3 (with
> ev3dev), and found out that there is enough memory on the device to
> get a REPL running.  The loading time is somewhat annoying, but not
> prohibitive. I also started creating a library for using the ev3dev
> kernel exposed file based API. I tested that I can use the color and
> ultrasonic sensors, and motors. The rest is simple from those.
> I'm a bit stuck by trying to grok Racket better. I'm thinking about
> possibility to have some kind of "typed literals" for distance, time
> and angle, so that I could use (move-robot 11cm) or (move-robot 11s)
> like calls, instead of having separate functions for time and distance
> variables, or having to create the values with (cm 11) or such.
> Not sure if that makes any sense, but I was thinking that it might
> feel more natural and also I'm interested in seeing how easily it
> could be done.
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