[racket] typed racket and generic interfaces, is there a workaround using properties?

From: Anthony Carrico (acarrico at memebeam.org)
Date: Fri Sep 26 23:07:55 EDT 2014

Dredging up an old thread: So how exactly do you define custom-write for
a typed racket struct?

On 05/25/2014 03:30 PM, Alexander D. Knauth wrote:
> Never mind I just found prop:dict.
> By the way it would probably be helpful if instead of the value for
> prop:dict being a vector, it was a hash table with the method names
> as the keys, so then it would be a lot easier to tell which procedure
> goes with which method, and also a lot easier to extend it while
> maintaining backwards compatibility.
> On May 24, 2014, at 10:38 PM, Alexander D. Knauth
> <alexander at knauth.org> wrote:
>> Do generic interfaces work using structure type properties, and if
>> they do, is there a way to use generic interfaces through
>> properties so that I can do it in typed racket?
>> Specifically I’m trying to use the gen:custom-write and gen:dict
>> generic interfaces.  I can use prop:custom-write for the first one,
>> but I don’t know what to do for gen:dict.
>> Otherwise I’ll just put it in an untyped submodule.

Anthony Carrico

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