[racket] Provide transformers

From: Jack Firth (jackhfirth at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Sep 19 17:41:31 EDT 2014

I've been looking into how to design a macro that would specify tests in a
provide transformer, for example something like

    (provide (test-pred-out some-integer integer?))

I'd like that to expand to:

    (provide some-integer)
    (module+ test
      (check-pred integer? some-integer))

>From what I can gather from the reference, normally provide forms are done
with define-provide-syntax, but that macro doesn't let me splice anything
into the module body. The reference mentions provide pre-transformers, and

"A provide pre-transformer is applied as part of the first phase of a
module’s expansion. Since it is used in the first phase, a provide
pre-transformer can use functions such as syntax-local-lift-expression to
introduce expressions and definitions in the enclosing module."

So it sounds like what I want is definitely possible, but I have no idea
how to actually *do* it. Does anyone have some simple well-explained
examples to guide me in the right direction?
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