[racket] catalog pkg versioning: am I doing it right?

From: John Clements (johnbclements at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Sep 10 17:03:13 EDT 2014

It's possible to specify "version exceptions" in the new package catalog
system (i.e., on pkg.racket-lang.org). I want to use one version (old
version) for pre-6.0, and another one for >= 6.0. IIUC, the right way to do
this is to specify a mapping for 'default to my pre-6 branch, and then
explicit mappings for 6.0 and 6.1 to the new version.

My questions:

1) how are version numbers matched? I just tried an experiment, and it
looks like my version exceptions are confined to exact matches; e.g., when
I have a version exception for 6.1, and I do a raco pkg catalog-show for, I get the default one.
2) This requires me to add an exception for every new version, right?

Finally, I'm still kind of baffled by the pkg.racket-lang.org interface; it
seems that when I make changes to a package and then close and re-open the
floating window, my changes are still there, but that actually hitting
browser reload often causes the changes to be lost. Am I just waiting for a
change to propagate through a back-end database, here?

Many thanks,

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