[racket] Media computation

From: James Vanderhyde (jvanderhyde at benedictine.edu)
Date: Tue Oct 21 12:15:53 EDT 2014

Hello, community. I am going to teach a course on Media Computation this coming spring. I want to use DrRacket. I like Stephen Bloch’s Picturing Programs, and I like how students can manipulate images directly on the REPL. I want a similar interface for manipulating audio. I think the sound should appear in the REPL as a little player control with play/pause, rewind, etc. Does anything like this exist? Does anyone have any ideas for simple audio processing from the REPL? Has anyone taught Media Computation (including audio) using Racket?

Dr. James Vanderhyde
Math and Computer Science
Benedictine College
jvanderhyde at benedictine.edu<mailto:jvanderhyde at benedictine.edu>

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