[racket] Lisp Devroom at FOSDEM 2015: Call for Participation [UPDATED]

From: Sanel Zukan (sanelz at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Nov 18 05:51:20 EST 2014

Sorry guys for spamming, I put the wrong mailing list. Now is updated.


Dear Lispers,

I'm pleased to announce, for the first time, Lisp Devroom @ FOSDEM,
the biggest FLOSS event in Europe, that will be held in Brussels on
January 31st to February 2nd, 2015.

This is a call to propose your talks for FOSDEM.

The topic of the devroom includes all Lisp-inspired dialects,
like Common Lisp, Scheme, Clojure, Emacs Lisp, newLISP, Racket,
GCC-Melt, LFE, Shen & more. Every talk is welcome: from real-world
examples, research projects, unusual ideas to small pet hacks.

FOSDEM is a hacker conference and we would be happy to see more
practical proposals, crazy ideas and open source projects
demonstrations than dry scientific papers (we will leave them for ILC
and ELS :-P).

Important dates

* Submission deadlines:     2014-12-14
* Acceptance notifications: 2014-12-28
* Lisp Devroom conference:  2015-01-31 (Saturday)

Submitting proposals

Please use https://penta.fosdem.org/submission/FOSDEM15 to submit your
proposals; you will have to create Pentabarf account unless you
already have one.

When submitting your talk in Pentabarf, make sure to select the
'Lisp devroom' as the 'Track'.

Submission details

Your submission should include the following information:

* The title and subtitle of your talk, descriptive as possible
* A short abstract
* A longer description of the talk, if you would like so
* Links to related online material like pages, blogs, repositories
  and etc.

Devroom mailing list

Please join Lisp devroom mailing list; this will be official
communication channel for the devroom and all further announcements
will be sent there.

* lisp-devroom at lists.fosdem.org - mailing list address

* https://lists.fosdem.org/listinfo/lisp-devroom - mailing list
  and subscription form

Planned schedule

Two types of sessions are considered:

* lighting talk - 30 minues including discussion
* full presentation - 60 minues including discussion

with 5 minutes for the setup between each talk. More details will be
announced on devroom mailing list.

Questions & volunteers

Don't hesitate to mail me at 'sanelz [at] gmail [dot] com' in case you
have questions or would like to help with organization (put
'[Lisp-fosdem]' in subject). Also, feel free to use official devroom
mailing list for discussion.

Did I said that there will be video recordings? Yes, video volunteers
are welcome too :)

Please forward this announcement to the relevant lists.

'(Best Regards, Sanel)

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