[racket] FastCGI support?

From: Matt Gushee (matt at gushee.net)
Date: Wed Nov 19 03:16:32 EST 2014


Let me preface this by saying "hi" to the community. This is my first
post here ... I've been working with Chicken Scheme on and off for 7
years or so. I tried out PLT Scheme, as it was then called, a couple
of times in the past, but I felt that it was kind of a toy language.
Having dug in a bit deeper this time, I see now that I was wrong.
Anyway, Chicken has a lot of strengths, including a great toolchain
and a great community, but the libraries often seem like a haphazard
collection of APIs that don't always work well together. Racket feels
like much more of a coherent system, and has much better support for
high-level constructs like signatures and contracts and packages ...
plus I find the documentation quite thorough and readable, if
sometimes a bit hard to navigate. And so it looks like I will be using
Racket to develop a couple of my rather ambitious projects.

But anyway, for tonight I have one simple question: is there a FastCGI
module/package for Racket anywhere? I see that Section 20 of the Net
library docs mention "the FastCGI library." Does that mean something
that exists, or has existed, or might soon exist, in the Racket world?
Or does it refer to the C library (libfcgi)?

I don't imagine it would be terribly hard to write a libfcgi wrapper
module, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel if there's already
something out there.

Thanks for any info!

Matt Gushee

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