[racket] FFI for struct that wraps around char array

From: Bartosz Przygoda (bprzygoda at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Nov 13 09:00:57 EST 2014


I'm trying to make racket bindings for libgphoto2. Its API uses CameraText
struct for outputting strings, which just wraps char array.

My first attempt was:

(define _Camera-ptr (_cpointer 'Camera))
(define _CameraText-ptr (_cpointer 'CameraText))

(define-gphoto gp_camera_get_about
  (_fun _Camera-ptr (v : _CameraText-ptr) _GPContext-ptr
     -> _int))

But this was giving me segfaults (not to mention the pointer here is opaque
and there are no getter functions in API).

Later on I've stumbled across
so I've tried this:

(define _Camera-ptr (_cpointer 'Camera))

(define camera-text-size (* 32 1024))
(define-cstruct _CameraText ([text (_bytes/len (camera-text-size))]))

(define-gphoto gp_camera_get_about
  (_fun _Camera-ptr (v : _CameraText-pointer) _GPContext-ptr
     -> _int))

(Where bytes/len is helper taken from that example)

How can I initialize this struct to mimic C CameraText txt;? Is there some
better way to handle char arrays (and converting them to strings) than
_byte array? Or should I go with something like (but this was segfaulting
as well):

(define-cstruct _CameraText ([text _string]))
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