[racket] r6rs random

From: Erik Itter (erik.itter at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Nov 13 21:17:34 EST 2014

thx, hope I understand the standard library documentation now, but I still cannot find a random number generator - is there any libray that does this or do I have to write that myself?

I would prefer to keep it Scheme and not Racket as my course is meant to be Scheme and Prolog only.

> Hi Erik,
> On 2014-11-14 02:44:05 +0100, Erik Itter wrote:
>> shouldn't (remainder x y) be defined in scheme r6rs already?
> If you look in the relevant section[1] of the R6RS standard libraries
> document, it says that the `remainder` procedure is defined in the
> `(rnrs r5rs (6))` library. So you have to do:
>    #!r6rs
>    (import (rnrs r5rs (6)))
> Or you can use Racket, in which the `remainder` function is built-in to
> the base language:
>    http://docs.racket-lang.org/reference/generic-numbers.html#%28def._%28%28quote._~23~25kernel%29._remainder%29%29
> [1]:http://www.r6rs.org/final/html/r6rs-lib/r6rs-lib-Z-H-20.html#node_idx_1292
> Cheers,
> Asumu

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