[racket] What encoding does racket/drracket use for bytestring literals?

From: Tomi Pieviläinen (tomi.pievilainen+racket at iki.fi)
Date: Thu Nov 13 09:29:07 EST 2014

#lang racket
(bytes=? #"äöå"
         (string->bytes/latin-1 "äöå"))

(bytes=? (string->bytes/utf-8 "äöå")
         (string->bytes/locale "äöå"))
(not (bytes=? #"€"

gives me #t, #t and #t on both racket and drracket. So in other words
latin-1 chars are interpreted as latin-1, but latin-9 is something
else. And it definately isn't using the system locale, which is UTF-8
on my computer.

So how does racket decode bytestring literals?

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