[racket] debugging memory allocation

From: Robby Findler (robby at eecs.northwestern.edu)
Date: Fri Nov 7 17:52:27 EST 2014

Unfortunately, it is hard to separate these things when you're running
in DrRacket because DrRacket is doing lots of complicated things that
foul your measurements.

I think you can display interactive 3d snips outside of DrRacket. Just do this:

#lang racket/gui
(define f (new frame% [label ""]))
(define t (new text%))
(define ec (new editor-canvas% [parent f] [editor t]))
(send t insert <create3dsnip>)
(send f show #t)

As for debugging memory use, we have a few tricks that experts can
use. Namely, if you build racket with --enable-backtrace passed to
configure, then dump-memory-stats has a lot more information in it.
That's probably the best place to start. If you build with the CGC
garbage collector then you can get even more information from it.
(It's not too too hard to become an expert. It requires time and
perseverance more than anything.)

It would be really cool if someone were to build some cool memory
performance debugging tools for Racket, tho.


On Fri, Nov 7, 2014 at 4:25 PM, Neil Toronto <neil.toronto at gmail.com> wrote:
> Please, someone answer this man! I need to do the same kind of debugging on
> Pict3D.
> One thing I've noticed from just dumping the result of (current-memory-use)
> to the terminal: sometimes memory use will repeatedly climb until there's a
> major GC, and sometimes minor GCs will be enough to keep memory use low and
> thus avoid major GCs altogether. I get the two behaviors on different
> executions of the same program, so it looks like it has to do with not only
> what my program allocates, but also the state DrRacket leaves the heap in
> before executing it.
> I don't know how to determine the causes more precisely, though. The more
> information I can extract from the logs, the better. Also, is there a way to
> get even more information?
> (FWIW, "don't run games in DrRacket" would be bad advice here because I
> can't display interactive 3D snips outside of DrRacket.)
> Neil
> On 11/06/2014 10:39 PM, David Vanderson wrote:
>> I'm having a UI problem in my game where major GCs cause noticeable,
>> frequent pauses (every 5-15 seconds).  Jay's advice was to control
>> allocation.  Minor GCs are no problem, and I'm okay with infrequent
>> major GCs.
>> Problem is I don't know how to go about tracking this down, and need
>> advice.  So far, all I know to do is run tests like this:
>> $ racket -W debug test-refresh.rkt 2>&1 | grep "^GC"
>> ...wait until I see a stable pattern:
>> GC: 0:MAJ @ 137,893K(+-15,317K)[+6,816K]; free 76,189K(-76,189K) 142ms @
>> 7259
>> GC: 0:MAJ @ 94,536K(+28,039K)[+6,816K]; free 32,910K(-49,278K) 156ms @
>> 11879
>> GC: 0:min @ 94,457K(+44,486K)[+6,816K]; free 23,981K(-23,981K) 12ms @
>> 16275
>> GC: 0:min @ 103,306K(+35,637K)[+6,816K]; free 23,929K(-23,929K) 9ms @
>> 20731
>> GC: 0:min @ 112,144K(+26,799K)[+6,816K]; free 23,949K(-23,949K) 11ms @
>> 25093
>> GC: 0:min @ 121,026K(+17,917K)[+6,816K]; free 24,004K(-24,004K) 12ms @
>> 29235
>> GC: 0:min @ 129,853K(+9,090K)[+6,816K]; free 24,001K(-24,001K) 11ms @
>> 33361
>> GC: 0:min @ 138,683K(+260K)[+6,816K]; free 23,990K(-23,990K) 12ms @ 37540
>> GC: 0:min @ 147,524K(+-8,580K)[+6,816K]; free 24,062K(-24,062K) 10ms @
>> 41429
>> GC: 0:MAJ @ 156,293K(+-17,349K)[+6,816K]; free 94,638K(-88,638K) 139ms @
>> 45517
>> GC: 0:MAJ @ 94,486K(+38,457K)[+6,816K]; free 33,231K(-14,911K) 164ms @
>> 50118
>> I couldn't find info in the docs about how to interpret these numbers
>> (did I miss it?).  I'm taking the first number as a memory growth, and
>> the last number as milliseconds, so between major GCs in this run, I'm
>> generating about (147,524K - 94,457K) / (41429ms - 16275ms) = 2.1 K / ms
>> or about 2.1 M / s.
>> How should I go about figuring out how much garbage I'm generating? Is
>> there a way to trace where it's coming from?
>> Thanks,
>> Dave
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