[racket] Custom extension for #lang?

From: Adolfo Pérez Álvarez (adolfo.pa at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Mar 17 05:14:41 EDT 2014

Hi Scott,

You can `require' a particular file using one of the following:

  (require "foo/bar.xyz") ;; require foo/bar.xyz relative to the current
  (require (lib "foo/bar.xyz")) ;; require the bar.xyz in the "foo"


2014-03-16 22:29 GMT+01:00 Moore, Scott <sdmoore at fas.harvard.edu>:

> I am developing a #lang with a custom reader and I'd like to use different
> extension for it (rather than ".rkt").
> However, this doesn't work with require forms like "require foo/bar"
> because racket looks for foo/bar.rkt. Is there a way to tell racket about
> the extension I wanted to use?
> Thanks,
> Scott
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