[racket] Scribble and EPUB

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Mon Mar 10 17:54:58 EDT 2014

Martin DeMello wrote at 03/10/2014 05:32 PM:
> How about scribble -> pandoc? That would give you a whole lot of other 
> targets in one fell swoop.

For non-profit purposes, I'm giving first priority to EPUB, which is 
pretty much the open standard.  I'm happy to let Kindle-specific (KF8 
and their older Mobipocket variant) and Apple-specific formats get a 
conversion from an open standard, and see how that goes.

If Pandoc is the best converter from EPUB to those other formats, I'd be 
happy to use it.  However, Pandoc seems to emphasize Markdown format, 
and its documentation doesn't list all the currently popular formats as 
targets.  I think there are better converters if the goal is to work 
well on all EPUB devices as well as any current/older 
Kindle/Apple/Android devices that don't handle EPUB well.

BTW, EPUB is actually pretty easy to generate directly, as are the other 
modern HTML-ish formats.  Generating older formats for some older 
devices still in use, like the formats that for historical reasons use 
the even older PalmOS database format, is a real pain, and you don't 
want to do it from scratch.

Neil V.

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