[racket] Racket 6.0 does not work

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Sun Mar 9 21:54:20 EDT 2014

Junia, which GNU/Linux distribution and version are you using?  Some 
version of Conectiva?

Distributing compiled software for all the GNU/Linux distributions is 
more complicated than it is for a few versions of Windows and Mac OS X.  
Often, people using some GNU/Linux distribution have good luck, and can 
just use one of the pre-compiled packages on "racket-lang.org", or a 
package that was made separately by a volunteer for a distribution such 
as Ubuntu.  But sometimes people have a GNU/Linux distribution version 
for which none of the pre-compiled packages work, and they have to 
compile from source themselves, or find someone to make a package.

Perhaps the quickest solution is for a GNU/Linux-savvy student or staff 
at your university to make a pre-compiled package of Racket for the 
distribution that you use, and everyone else at your university could 
just use that package?  (Compiling Racket is actually very easy for 
someone who is familiar with compiling modern Unix software.)

Neil V.

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