[racket] Embedding Racket raco ctool --c-mods

From: Cody Eilar (cody.eilar at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Mar 4 16:15:42 EST 2014


    I recently downloaded racket 6 on my linux machine and built it from
source. I attempted to run the command "raco ctool --c-mods base.c ++lib
racket/base" and I got an error that said that ++lib is an unknown flag. I
then found that this was an issue back in 2010 after digging around in the
mailing list archive, apparently this is still a problem? However
the workaround mzc --c-mods base.c ++lib racket/base is not working for me
either. In older version of racket I had no problem with that line, but now
when I run it, I get:

dynamic-require: name is not provided.

It then tells me that the offending module is in compile/private/embed.rkt.

Any ideas on why this isn't working? Your help is greatly appreciated!

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