[racket] Binary class: general approach to binary data parsing and writing

From: Roman Klochkov (kalimehtar at mail.ru)
Date: Sun Jun 15 14:42:16 EDT 2014

 I've written universal library for parsing binary files or their parts into Racket objects.
You may install it with 'raco pkg install binary-class'. This library has verbose documentation and easy syntax.
You simply describe your data in terms of class fields and load the object from the file.

I've written parsers for MP3 ID3 tags (binary-class-mp3 package) and DBF files (binary-class-dbf package, no docs yet, only Readme at  https://github.com/Kalimehtar/binary-class-dbf ). You may treat them as usage examples for the library.

Please, give me feedback. Maybe I can do something better, or maybe somebody write another file format to the library.

Roman Klochkov
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