[racket] AutoCAD, AutoLISP, MzCOM and Racket

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Thu Jun 5 04:21:10 EDT 2014

Are you running both 32-bit AutoCAD and MzCOM, or both 64-bit AutoCAD
and MzCOM?

If you run

 mzcom.exe /RegServer /v

do you get any errors (in a dialog box)?

At Thu, 5 Jun 2014 18:12:25 +1000, "Tim Marchbank" wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been programming in AutoLISP inside AutoCAD for a while now and also 
> have done a bit of programming with Racket, including dialog boxes.
> Recently I tried to use COM from inside Racket to run AutoCAD and got that to 
> work.
> However, now I am attempting to use Racket as a COM object (using MzCOM) from 
> inside AutoCAD / AutoLISP to run Racket and I can’t seem to get passed the 
> first hurdle – getting the MzCOM object.
> (I can get COM application objects for Excel and Word working)
> The aim was to call Racket to develop dialog boxes using components not readily 
> available using AutoLISP’s inbuilt dialog control language (DCL).
> Code inside AutoLISP:
> (vl-load-com) ; initialises the visual-lisp COM extensions
> (setq racketapp (vlax-get-or-create-object "MzCOM.MzObj.6.0.1")) ; should 
> return the MzCOM object ?
> (vlax-invoke-method racketapp 'Eval "(+ 1.2 3.4)")  ; doesn’t work so far as 
> racketapp is nil
> I’ve tried the latest version of Racket.
> Also tried to re-register MzCOM as per the docs.
> Just wondering if anyone else has tried to do it and found it to work or not.
> Any suggestions are greatly appreciated...
> Thanks in advance,
> Tim.____________________
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