[racket] Suggestion for DrRacket

From: Erich Rast (erich at snafu.de)
Date: Fri Feb 14 05:40:16 EST 2014

When debugging is enabled, DrRacket could display on-line help for
functions in the status line while the user is typing - rather than a
red line with errors that usually just concern unclosed parens. What I
mean is a one-line autocomplete in the status line that provides the
first matching definition. Like this:

You type: (hash-rem 
It says: (hash-remove hash key) <2>
The <2> indicates that this is just one out of two possibilities.

You type: (hash-remove! 
It says: (hash-remove! hash key) 

You type: (hash-del
It says (in red): (hash-del     <not defined>

In my experience from IDEs for other languages, this kind of simple
online help is incredibly useful, even more than autocomplete, because
the help files are often just consulted for looking up arguments. I
don't know enough macrology to see how this would fare with macros,

Just a suggestion. Should I fill bug reports for feature requests like



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