[racket] how to use syntax-case

From: 亀田馬志 (masashi.kameda at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Feb 7 14:03:51 EST 2014

To Mr. Vincent:

Thanks for telling me.

Yeah, I've already checked `math/array' library.
But it says it is basically for typed racket, and I was not sure it is
suitable for game writing in order to manage the location of the objects;
so this time I decided to skip to use the library.

To Mr. Hendershott:

I try keeping to avoid "I-wanna-write-a-macro-anyway" disease; but this
time I likely catch the disease....
Especially syntax-rule() with recursion occasionally seems much easier to
write a function with recursion; so this time, the idea of macro ghost
possessed and didn't leave me....

Anyway, thanks guys!

2014-02-08 Greg Hendershott <greghendershott at gmail.com>:

> > list* ・・・・・・To be honest, I've not seen this for a long time. I've
> forgotten
> > its existence.
> Yeah I don't think I've ever used list* except as part of that apply idiom:
>   (define (f a b . more)
>     ...)
>   (apply f (list* a b more))
> > Anyway, thanks. Now I don't need to write the macro.
> Best-case is not needing to write a macro. But if you do need to, and
> it's not working, feel free to ask on the list. Many here happy to
> help.
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