[racket] Key events, shift, and, get-shift-key-code

From: Jens Axel Søgaard (jensaxel at soegaard.net)
Date: Wed Dec 24 09:29:27 EST 2014

Hi All,

Om my keyboard the . key wil produce an > if i press shift and . at
the same time.
How can I write a program that given . can produce > ?

I have experimented with the program below. It displays a canvas and
prints info on the key events received. My experiments with get-other-shift-code
has been unsuccessful. The documentation says that on OS X it works only
of cmd is pressed, but I can't get it to return anything but #f.

/Jens Axel

#lang racket
(require racket/gui)

; key-event->key : key-event -> string
;   translate a key event into a "Emacs" style string
; Pressed       Output
;   a             "a"
; Shift+a         "A"
; Meta+a        "M-a"
; Shift+Meta+a  "M-A"         ; <== todo returns "M-a" now
(define (key-event->key event)
  (define shift? (send event get-shift-down))
  (define c      (send event get-key-code))
  (define k      (if shift?
                     (or (send event get-other-shift-key-code) c)
  (define ctrl?  (send event get-control-down))
  (define alt?   (send event get-alt-down))
  (define meta?  (send event get-meta-down))
  (let ([k (match k ['escape "ESC"] [_ k])])
      [(or ctrl? alt? meta?) (~a (if ctrl? "C-" "")
                                 (if alt?  "A-" "")
                                 (if meta? "M-" "")
      [else                  k])))

; key-event/no-modifiers : make a copy of key-event with no modifiers set
(define (key-event/no-modifiers key-event)
  (define e key-event)
  (new key-event%
       [key-code   (send e get-key-code)]
       [shift-down   #f]
       [control-down #f]
       [meta-down    #f]
       [alt-down     #f]
       [x            (send e get-x)]
       [y            (send e get-y)]
       [time-stamp   (send e get-time-stamp)]
       [caps-down    #f]
       [mod3-down    #f]
       [mod4-down    #f]
       [mod5-down    #f]
       [control+meta-is-altgr #f]))

(define (get-shift-key-code key-event)
  (define e (key-event/no-modifiers key-event))
  (send e set-shift-down #t)
  (send e get-other-shift-key-code))

(define frame (new frame% [label "Display Key Event"]))

(define msg (new message% [parent frame] [label "No news"]))
(send msg min-width 400)

(define key-canvas%
  (class canvas%
    (define/override (on-char event)
      (define key (key-event->key event))
      (unless (equal? key 'release)
        (displayln (list 'key key 'shift (get-shift-key-code event)))
        (send msg set-label (~a "key: " key "    " "shift: "
(get-shift-key-code event)))))

(define canvas (new key-canvas% [parent frame]))
(send canvas min-client-width  400)
(send canvas min-client-height 400)
(send msg set-label "Don't panic")
(send frame show #t)

Jens Axel Søgaard

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