[racket] Why does (case ...) quote its matching value expressions?

From: J Arcane (jarcane at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Dec 21 23:58:39 EST 2014

Up with a horrible ear-ache this morning I decided to include a FizzBuzz
example in Heresy, the Racket #lang I've been working on, and ran into an
unexpected behavior in the (case ...) statement.

In many languages with case, you can make the testing value a constant, and
then make the matching clauses actual calculations which then match against
that constant. So when doing FizzBuzz in C-like languages you can do
something like "switch 0" and then "case x % 3" for the matching clauses.

It turns out this doesn't work in Racket, because Racket quotes the values
in the matching clauses so they do not evaluate. Specifically, it narrows
down to doing this in (case/sequential-test ...): #`(equal? v 'k)

I can implement an alternate version that works as I expect (and will
probably include it in Heresy) just by removing that quote in my version,
but I was curious as to the reasoning behind this behavior and if perhaps
there's some explanation for it that I may've missed.

Any insights appreciated,
John Berry
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