[racket] Making a section optional in Scribble

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Tue Dec 16 20:47:25 EST 2014

That's about right but you want your conditional to produce some element. 

In HtDP/2e, I use things like this all the time: 

  @(if draft? @bold{Draft Release} @bold{Stable Release})

where draft? is 

 @(define draft? (or (getenv "DRAFT") (is-draft?)))

that is, the flag is determined by either the environment or a command-line flag that is-draft? checks. 

On Dec 16, 2014, at 6:53 PM, Daniel Prager wrote:

> Is there an easy way to include / exclude a section based on a flag?
> E.g. In the following example, I want to include section two for some folk, but not for others.
> #lang scribble/base
> @section{Section one}
> Section one is for everyone.
> @(when some-condition
>    @section{Section two}
>    "Section two is for some, but not all.")
> I've tried splitting section two into a second file and conditionally including it, but that caused level confusion.
> Thanks
> Dan
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