[racket] web server: CRUD put/delete?

From: George Neuner (gneuner2 at comcast.net)
Date: Thu Dec 4 23:29:13 EST 2014

Hi Jon,

On 12/4/2014 10:37 PM, Jon Zeppieri wrote:
> To my knowledge none of the major browsers support HTML forms using anything but GET and POST. This is a user agent issue; not a server issue. (Some frameworks use JS to intercept form submissions and perform them via XHR, which can use other methods.) I haven't had a chance to take a close look at your code, so I don't have anything to say about your attempts to use XHR.

Hmm.  If that's true it's very disappointing.  This is a database 
middleware app that's getting bigger by the hour (24 servlets and 
counting).  I certainly can get by with just GET and POST, but the 
servlet URLs will get long and (to me) unwieldy ... I was hoping to keep 
them short(er) with a CRUD interface, and also to test my servlets 
without too much Javascript  [ browser programming being neither my 
forte nor my duty on this project ].

There's still something bogus:  even with XHR, the right functions 
aren't being called.  DELETE works sometimes but sometimes not even 
twice in a row.   PUT never works.  It may be a problem with how I'm 
using it ... but it's pretty simple and I've had no issues at all using 
GET or POST.  I'll have to get the browser guy to take a look at it.

As  a certain bear said: "Oh, bother!!!"

And Jay ... if this is all because I'm stupid, I apologize for wasting 
for your time.


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