[racket] Curious error messages

From: Stephen De Gabrielle (spdegabrielle at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Dec 4 02:43:47 EST 2014

I've had the same thing using scribble, but including screenshot images
I just assumed it was pdflatex that was calling libpng, and the problem was
either pdflatex how it was passing the image to libpng, or libpng itself,
rather than anything in racket. (It seemed like a rabbit-hole that I was
unlikely to navigate successfully)

On Thu, 4 Dec 2014 at 04:31, Prabhakar Ragde <plragde at uwaterloo.ca> wrote:

> I'm currently using Racket 6.1. For some time now, when editing Scribble
> files in DrRacket, I've been getting "file has changed on disk" messages
> when trying to save or render - not consistently, just every so often.
> These are files I am not editing in anything other than DrRacket. I
> click "ignore" and everything works fine, but it is annoying.
> Just now, when rendering a Scribble document, I see in the Interactions
> window the error "libpng warning: iCCP: Not recognizing known sRGB
> profile that has been edited". The rendering proceeds just fine. This is
> rendering to PDF using some included images that have been created using
> OmniGraffle. The same images used in render to HTML do not give such
> warnings. --PR
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