[racket] Continuation in embedding Racket

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Wed Dec 3 15:54:55 EST 2014

I don't think CGC versus 3m is relevant.

My guess is that you need to wrap a prompt around each evaluation of a
top-level form. You can try this manually at first: Does it work to
change each `(generate-digit)` at the end below to

 (call-with-continuation-prompt (lambda () (generate-digit)))

? If so, then building that `call-with-continuation-prompt` wrapper
into your evaluation function will likely solve the problem.

At Wed, 03 Dec 2014 23:45:28 +0300, Nesterov Kirill wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to embed racket 3m version as interpreter into GUI application. For 
> custom interpreters this application have two required APIs - first one is init 
> and the second one is eval string. So in init I'm calling 
> scheme_register_tls_space and scheme_main_setup after. And in eval I'm using 
> custom version of Racket's read-eval-print-loop without recursion for 
> evaluation of thrings. And everything is working well until I've tried to 
> implement generator. Some reading of sources lead we into problem of 
> continuation. This simple code leads to error "continuation application: 
> attempt to cross a continuation barrier". 
> (define (generate-one-element-at-a-time lst)
>   (define (control-state return)
>     (for-each 
>      (lambda (element)
>                (set! return (call-with-current-continuation
>                               (lambda (resume-here)
>                                 ;; Grab the current continuation
>                                (set! control-state resume-here)
>                                (return element)))))
>      lst)
>     (return 'you-fell-off-the-end))
>   (define (generator)
>     (call-with-current-continuation control-state)) 
>   ;; Return the generator 
>   generator)
> (define generate-digit
>   (generate-one-element-at-a-time '(0 1 2)))
> (generate-digit) ;; 0
> (generate-digit) ;; 1 ;; error "continuation application: attempt to cross a 
> continuation barrier"
> Attemt to use generators library lead to memory access violation. I suppose the 
> problem lies in stack frames which are cleared every time eval callback from 
> the main program is called. For some reasons I can't run racket in another 
> thread. So may be there is an option how this problem could be solved? May be 
> my assumption is not right? May be switch to CGC and mapping stack with 
> scheme_set_stack_base into heap can help? If it help I can show the source of 
> this plugin.
> Thanks, 
> Kirill
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