[racket] How to forbid Racket console to display lists?

From: 楠字数补丁也 (280145668 at qq.com)
Date: Thu Aug 14 21:42:09 EDT 2014

Version Win 8.1 64bit

Hello, I use "racket.exe [file name]" to execute .rkt file. But sometimes when in this situation (just an example easy to explain):

#lang racket
(range 100000)

The console will automatically display a list of 100000 elements even if I don't want to display it. 

Some times I just want to know how much time it will take for a function to work out a very large list, for example:

(define f <a procedure to form a very large list>)
(time (f args))

Now in this case, Racket will still try to display the list for you, and you will never see the result you want. So, how to forbid Racket console to display lists? ‍
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