[racket] Commercial Users of Functional Programming at ICFP 2014, Gothenburg, Sep 4-6

From: Michael Sperber (sperber at deinprogramm.de)
Date: Wed Aug 20 08:17:15 EDT 2014



Commercial Users of Functional Programming (CUFP) 2014 at ICFP 2014; 
Gothenburg, Sweden, Sep 4-6.



Functional programming has been at the forefront of a new generation 
of programming technologies: Companies employing functional 
programming use it to enable more effective, robust, and flexible 
software development. 

The annual CUFP workshop is designed to serve the growing community of 
commercial users of functional programming: Practitioners meet and 
collaborate; language designers and users can share ideas about the 
future of their languages; experts share their expertise on practical 
functional programming. 

CUFP 2014 begins with two days of tutorials by top-notch 
language experts including advanced tutorials on special topics,
followed by a day of talks about industrial applications of 
functional programming.

More information about CUFP 2014 is available on the CUFP web site at 


Registration is available at: 



T1: Programming with Dependent Types
Ulf Norell

T2: Haskell in the Real World
Stefan Wehr

T3: Intro to Elm: a field guide for functional front-end programming (Part 1)
Evan Czaplicki & Spiros Eliopoulos

T4: Elm-d3: Front-end Development without Frameworks (Part 2)
Spiros Eliopoulos

T5: Idris: Practical Software Verification with Dependent Types
Edwin Brady

T6: Lens
Edward Kmett


T7: Introduction to OCaml
Leo White & Jeremy Yallop

T8: Programming in Rust
Felix Klock & Lars Bergstrom

T9: Tinkering with the Raspberry Pi using Erlang
Torben Hoffmann

T10: Hands-on Functional Web Development in F# with WebSharper
Adam Granicz

T11: Batteries Included: Generative Programming with Scala and LMS
Tiark Rompf & Nada Amin

T12: Introduction to testing with QuickCheck
John Hughes


Keynote: Making Money From FP	
Joe Armstrong, Ericsson and Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm

Functional Programming at Verizon OnCue	
Timothy Perrett, Verizon

Adopting Functional Programming with OCaml at Bloomberg LP	
Maxime Ransan, Bloomberg LP

MBrace: large-scale programming in F#	
Eirik Tsarpalis, Nessos

Probabilistic Synchronization of State Between Independent Nodes	
Erlend Hamberg

Towards "annex", a Fact Based Dependency System	
Mark Hibberd

Building data and time-series analytics tools for F#	
Tomas Petricek & Howard Mansell

Haskell in the Misson Control Domain	
Michael Oswald

Haskell tools for satellite operations	
Björn Buckwalter

F# For Fun and Games	
Anthony Brown

Some usages of functional programming for FO and quants	
Renaud Bechade

Reactive I/O with Scala, Akka, and Play	
Kenneth Owens, Comcast

If your server is a function, is your company a library?	
Andrew Cowie

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