[racket] Use of map and eval to evaluate symbol in namespace

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Mon Aug 4 20:43:15 EDT 2014

Henry Lenzi wrote at 08/04/2014 07:43 PM:
> By the way, if you guys had any idea of the buggy stuff people sell to
> the health sector. The atrocious VB, MFC C++, Java... I'm not even
> goint to mention security..

Heh.  I have seen some of that, and actually suggested to one of my 
consulting clients that they consider diversifying into this application 
domain.  I suspect that one "dream team" would have a mix of domain 
experts, people who understand the legacy/contemporary software systems 
and history, a couple top architects/gurus, and solid software engineers 
and human factors engineers who are sharp and flexible enough to work 
within the framework that the architects/gurus lead.

(I separate out architects/gurus for this particular field because there 
seems to be a need to shake things up right now with technical 
direction.  However, I *don't* mean an antiquated chief programmer 
model, which I think led many to view software development as top-down 
management of clerical workers, especially in corporate MIS-like shops, 
and which I suspect has been a big contributor to many gazillion-dollar 
IT failures.)

Neil V.

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