[racket] secref & other-doc

From: Matthew Butterick (mb at mbtype.com)
Date: Tue Apr 29 18:40:22 EDT 2014

+ What's the best way to discover the tag argument needed for secref without actually fishing out the .scrbl source file associated with a particular HTML file? (When a #:tag argument is specified in the .scrbl source, it doesn't seem to appear in the HTML.)

+ What's the best way to figure out the '(lib ...) argument needed for secref or other-doc? For instance, I'm trying to use other-doc to link to the "@ Syntax" page in the Scribble docs. [1] I'm probably overlooking something obvious, but I've not come up with a permutation of path elements that works.

[1] http://docs.racket-lang.org/scribble/reader.html#%28part._.The_.Scribble_.Syntax_at_a_.Glance%29
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