[racket] Isn't the web application tutorial too advanced?

From: Ben (yfefyf at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Apr 28 08:27:44 EDT 2014

After gaining some basic understanding of web applications, I wanted to
develop one in Racket. So I went to the tutorial "Continue: Web
Applications in Racket <http://docs.racket-lang.org/continue/index.html>".
When I reached "6 Advanced Control Flow", I saw `send/suspend/dispatch`. I
didn't know what it is, so I clicked on the link
see its documentation and saw a very complex starting sentence:

> Calls make-response with a function (often named embed/url) that, when
called with a procedure from `request?` to any/c will generate a URL, that
when invoked will call the function with the `request?` object and return
the result to the caller of send/suspend/dispatch.

I couldn't figure out the meaning of this sentence, so I went on to `

> Captures the current continuation, stores it with exp as the expiration
handler, and binds it to a URL.

Although I knew what a continuation is, I didn't know what it is in this

Then I gave up.

I know that the web framework for Racket is very advanced. But IMHO, for
the tutorial, a simpler one with some basic functionality like request
handling, response sending and routing will be enough. And an advanced one
would probably scare beginners like me away.

Hope my experience is somewhat useful to you.

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