[racket] tool warnings from raco

From: Matthew Butterick (mb at mbtype.com)
Date: Sun Apr 27 18:12:44 EDT 2014

When I invoke raco from the command line, it throws the warning:

> warning: tool "pollen" registered twice: "pollen" and #<path:/path/to/pollen>

This error also appeared on racket-dev in Jul 2013. At that time Matthew Flatt said:
> I changed `raco setup' to use relative paths for the info-domain cache,
> but not to prune away the old absolute paths.
> For now, you can delete "racket/lib/info-cache.rktd", and I'll work on
> a repair to `raco setup'.

But though I've tried deleting info-cache.rktd, the warning eventually returns.

The problem doesn't surface with other packages. It doesn't seem to affect how anything works.

It also might be a bug in this particular package, though I'm not clear how a package can mess with raco's registration scheme.

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