[racket] Type info lost for required function used in Racket REPL... but DrRacket REPL is OK?

From: Greg Hendershott (greghendershott at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Apr 24 22:39:17 EDT 2014

After studying DrRacket source code for a long time, I
believe I found the answer.

`enter!` is essentially:

    (dynamic-require path #f)
    (current-namespace (module->namespace path))

But the key seems to be to use the `configure-runtime` (if
any) provided by the module's language's
language-info. Also, this must be done _before_ actually
requiring the module. Based on DrRacket, I now do this:

    ;; Load language-info, if any
    (define info (module->language-info path #t))
    (displayln info)
    (when info
      (define get-info ((dynamic-require (vector-ref info 0)
                                         (vector-ref info 1))
                        (vector-ref info 2)))
      (define configs (get-info 'configure-runtime '()))
      (for ([config (in-list configs)])
        ((dynamic-require (vector-ref config 0)
                          (vector-ref config 1))
         (vector-ref config 2)))
      (define cr-submod `(submod ,path configure-runtime))
      (when (module-declared? cr-submod)
        (dynamic-require cr-submod #f)))
    ;; Require the module and use its namespace:
    (namespace-require path)
    (current-namespace (module->namespace path))

And finally for bonus points, give a clearer error message
if the language doesn't define any #%top-interaction:

    ;; Check that the lang defines #%top-interaction
    (unless (memq '#%top-interaction (namespace-mapped-symbols))
      (error 'run "lang doesn't support a REPL (no #%top-interaction)"))))

Doing this appears to make my Emacs racket-mode work
correctly, at least for the simple Typed Racket problem
example I showed.

1. "It works". But is this correct?

2. Although I don't use `enter!` in racket-mode, I would be
happy to submit a PR to add similar to `enter!` -- or if
backward compatibility is a concern, add a variation that is
`language-info`-aware. Thoughts?

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