[racket] Summer programs learning Racket for a student

From: jab at math.brown.edu (jab at math.brown.edu)
Date: Tue Apr 15 12:01:41 EDT 2014

Thanks for the suggestions, Neil. I should have mentioned that he lives in
New York City. I suspect that a significant part of what he's looking for
is the experience of being away from home for a couple weeks as well as
socializing with other kids, but I should make sure. As for self-study or
working with a friend and using the mailing list for advice, I'm fairly
certain he's looking for someone to be officially in charge, providing a
lot of structure, and doing so in person. Given that, a more likely backup
might be one of the Python courses. It is wonderful though that an 8th
grader could expect to get consistent help with Racket just from this
mailing list. Racket community for the win!

In the meantime, if anyone does know of anything comparable to the
offerings at e.g. http://www.idtech.com/courses/programming/ and
using Racket, please let me know!


On Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 11:33 AM, Neil Van Dyke <neil at neilvandyke.org>wrote:

> If there's not one right now, perhaps some .edu person will be able to
> create something like that.
> A backup idea, if a programming summer camp doesn't pan out this year, is
> project-oriented self-directed study, using the Racket email list for
> technical questions and perhaps for some project advising.  Learn by doing.
>  The big drawback is that this doesn't include socializing with other kids.
>  Maybe there is some camp that would let him hang out with other students,
> but he'd be working on his own stuff and getting his technical help over
> email.  Or maybe there is another kid in his town who wants to do the same
> thing with Racket, and they can work together from cafes or college student
> centers or wherever.
> There's also the occasional Racket or Lisp get-together in Boston, which
> might be a nice little complement to whatever else he does this summer.  If
> he's in Providence, he can take the commuter rail to Boston (and someone
> can make sure that afterwards he's not waiting alone for the Orange Line at
> Ruggles after dark :).
> Neil V.
> jab at math.brown.edu wrote at 04/15/2014 11:07 AM:
>  Dear Racket Users,
>> I've been tutoring an 8th grader in Racket for the last few months. We're
>> just about to finish part I of HtDP2e (http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/
>> matthias/HtDP2e/part_one.html).
>> He's interested in doing a summer program along the lines of
>> http://www.idtech.com/teens/ but ideally he'd be able to continue
>> learning Racket where we leave off. Does anyone know of any summer programs
>> for teens where Racket is the language used?
>> A friend of mine used to teach one at Brown, but from
>> http://www.brown.edu/ce/pre-college/catalog/?p%5B%5D=1 it looks like now
>> only bash, Python, and Matlab are available. Google searches like "racket
>> programming summer camp" didn't immediately turn up anything either (and
>> inevitably include results about tennis camps).
>> Thanks for any tips you may have.
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