[racket] Summer programs learning Racket for a student

From: jab at math.brown.edu (jab at math.brown.edu)
Date: Tue Apr 15 11:07:06 EDT 2014

Dear Racket Users,

I've been tutoring an 8th grader in Racket for the last few months. We're
just about to finish part I of HtDP2e (

He's interested in doing a summer program along the lines of
http://www.idtech.com/teens/ but ideally he'd be able to continue learning
Racket where we leave off. Does anyone know of any summer programs for
teens where Racket is the language used?

A friend of mine used to teach one at Brown, but from
http://www.brown.edu/ce/pre-college/catalog/?p%5B%5D=1 it looks like now
only bash, Python, and Matlab are available. Google searches like "racket
programming summer camp" didn't immediately turn up anything either (and
inevitably include results about tennis camps).

Thanks for any tips you may have.
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