[racket] Menezes' Book.

From: Eduardo Costa (edu500ac at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Apr 14 18:52:32 EDT 2014

I paid a visit to Vitruvius Architecture & Design, where people were doing
some impressive work in building film scenery and set. Unhappily the
architects refused to tell me how to perform the magic. However, I was able
to collect information that may help in reverse engineering their job.

As far as I know, they use a book called Programming for Architecture, of
Antonio Menezes Leitao, a well known Lisp programmer. The programs have the
following headers:

#lang racket
(require rosetta)
(backend rhino)

As soon as I arrived to my office, I installed Racket 6.0 in my Macintosh,
and added the above headers. I got the following message:

standard-module-name-resolver: collection not found
  for module path: rosetta
  collection: "rosetta"
  in collection directories:

I guess there is a rosetta collection that I must obtain it from


 However I have a few questions. Can I run rosetta-lang on a OS-X
(MacIntosh)? On Linux? In planet.racket-lang.org, the authors say that
rosetta requires Rhino or Autocad, that are Windows applications. However,
I have seen people running rosetta on OS-X. Besides this, the authors say:

"At the moment, we only support Rosetta for Windows. If you want to use
Rosetta in Mac or Linux please contact us."

Whom should I contact? I don't need anything very fancy. I just want to
write scenery for educational games. Therefore a backend much simpler than
Rhino or Autocad will do.
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