[racket] About genericity...

From: Roman Klochkov (kalimehtar at mail.ru)
Date: Thu Apr 3 05:43:51 EDT 2014

 Or even simpler 

(define (dup a)
    [(string? a) (string-append a a)]
    [(integer? a) (list a a)])


I think, Alejandro wanted to add clauses in different places (generic in one module, added method in another, for example).

Thu, 3 Apr 2014 20:11:36 +1100 от Daniel Prager <daniel.a.prager at gmail.com>:
>Here's an out-of-the-box option, using Racket's  pattern matching  with the (? predicate) form:
>(define/match (dup a)
>  [((? string?)) (string-append a a)]
>  [((? integer?)) (list a a)])
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Roman Klochkov
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