[racket] Lifting submodules

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Fri Sep 13 16:53:04 EDT 2013

Lift the module definition to top and require in the expression position? 

On Sep 13, 2013, at 12:08 PM, Eric Dobson wrote:

> I want to write a macro which generates submodules and then possibly
> requires them. This is so that can easily use another language (TR)
> for the expression.
> If all uses of the macro are at the top-level/module-level this is
> easy and I can expand out to something like:
> (begin
>  (module new-mod typed/racket <expr and provides>)
>  (require 'new-mod)
>  <use exports>)
> But I don't see how I can do something like this when the use is in an
> expression context or an internal-definition context. Is there a way
> to do this?
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