[racket] a problem with image.rkt teachpack

From: Elena Machkasova (elenam at morris.umn.edu)
Date: Fri Sep 6 22:29:59 EDT 2013

Good evening,

this may've come up before, but I looked through the last few messages 
and did a bit of searching, and couldn't find anything about this 
problem. My apologies if this is already a known issue.

When DrRacket is installed, it comes with 3 pre-installed teachpacks, 
including image.rkt. However, image functions (rotate, square, etc) are 
undefined. Installing the teachpack from the middle column in the "add 
teachpack" list fixes the issue.

However, if the user then tries to add the teachpack and happens to 
click on it in the first column, they get an error message "module: 
identifier already imported from a different source". The solution that 
seems to work then is to clear both teachpacks and then install the one 
in the middle column.

This behavior takes place for both Racket 5.3.4 and 5.3.6, for Windows 
and Linux (Fedora 18). I don't know if it's happening on a Mac as well.

If there is a plan to fix it in the next release, could you let me know? 
We might wait a couple of weeks to upgrade our lab to 5.3.6 is we can 
get an upgrade with this issue fixed.

Many thanks!

University of Minnesota, Morris

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