[racket] unsealed local-definition

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Fri Sep 6 11:56:42 EDT 2013

Does `raco make` report the same error?

I don't suppose that you have any calls to
`syntax-local-make-internal-definition-context` in your code?

At Fri, 6 Sep 2013 17:14:28 +0200, Laurent wrote:
> Hi,
> In DrRacket, I keep getting the following error on some files that are part
> of a development package:
> ../../../../../build/racket/racket/collects/compiler/cm.rkt:430:6: write:
> unsealed local-definition or module context found in syntax object
> This prevents the compilation of the rkt files.
> The workaround I found is to close DrRacket, delete the "compiled"
> directories, and restart DrRacket. It then works for some time then fails
> again (not sure why, but it seems to have to do with collections/packages).
> It was fun at first, but now it's getting rather annoying, especially on my
> slower machine.
> I use today's git head (v5.90.0.9).
> Any idea about how to fix that?
> Thanks,
> Laurent
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